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Dr. Benjamin Williams and the entire team at Woodlawn Dental are committed to providing preventive and restorative dental care for families in Birmingham. We focus on education and prevention, ensuring you and your loved one’s ideal dental health.

Providing Quality Care for our Birmingham Dental Patients of all Ages  Family Dentistry

We are proud to serve patients from the ages of one to 100 and love to see how their families grow with us. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself, your children, or your parents, you can count on Woodlawn Dental to provide compassionate care, taking the time to assess each patient as an individual. It is this thorough attention to our patients that helps us develop treatment plans that meet their unique needs.

A Wide Array of Children’s Dental Treatments in Birmingham

We provide general dentistry care that meets the needs of your whole family. Some of the services we offer that are generally geared toward our younger patients include:

Education – To get your child excited about the importance of their dental health, we introduce them to the basics of good snacking versus snacking that can damage their teeth. Our focus is to let them know that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.

Fluoride Treatments and Sealants - To protect your child’s teeth from decay, these treatments are often recommended to prevent early cavities from forming before your child learns proper brushing and flossing habits.

Space Maintainers – These appliances are for children that may have lost one or more baby teeth before the permanent teeth are ready to emerge. If the space remains empty for too long it can cause shifting of existing teeth that result in the permanent tooth coming in at an angle or too close to another tooth.

Frenectomies – Some children are born with a tight lingual frenulum (tongue-tie); we can easily correct this condition in our office.

Parents are welcome to accompany their kids during examinations and treatment. Our young patients are encouraged throughout their visit for their participation and cooperation while receiving care and are rewarded with fun prizes that change with the seasons so they won’t be getting the same toy every visit.

Birmingham Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Whether you are interested in improving  your dental health or the look of your smile, we can help by providing the following services:

General Dentistry – Through exams, cleanings, fillings, and gum treatments we can maintain or restore health to your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry – From teeth whitening to veneers, a renewed smile is sure to provide a boost in confidence.

Restorations – We provide crowns, bridges, and dentures to restore missing or damaged teeth.

We offer nitrous oxide for patients of all ages for those who need it. We want your family’s dental experience to be a comfortable and positive one.

Working With Your Busy Schedule

At Woodlawn Dental, we take a whole family approach to the dental care we provide and respect our patients’ busy schedules.  If you would like to be seen at the same visit as your family, we can make arrangements accordingly.  We offer Saturday appointments for our families that find it difficult to make weekday appointments because of work.

If you are seeking a family or children’s dentist in Birmingham who works with you and your loved ones to keep your smiles healthy and beautiful, call Dr. Benjamin Williams at Woodlawn Dental today.


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